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ISRO Interview Questions


Technical interview for 30min. If prepared for GATE then the round will sound easy. Questions were mainly from major subjects of computer science namely automara, operating systems, algorithms. Questions were comparatively easy if prepared for GATE> Interview Questions questions from automata theory, digital electronics and operating systems. =============================== From 2011-2016, ...

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Odessa Technologies Placement Papers


Hiring process  1: 1. GD : Must prepare well from current affairs..!!2. Online Test : Aptitude-60 questions in 60 minutes(quanti,logical,verbal,flow charts).Hosted byfreshersworld)3. F2f Rounds : Prepare well from Testing concepts..!Job Description : Writing and creating test cases, finding defects in modules, developing test plan, creating scenarios that cover both positive ...

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Accenture Interview Questions and Answers


1. What is the most important feature of Java? Java is a platform independent language. 2. What do you mean by platform independence? Platform independence means that we can write and compile the java code in one platform (eg Windows) and can execute the class in any other supported platform ...

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