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HCL Interview Experience in November 2014


The whole process was divided into 5 rounds:
1. Grammar Test
2. Voice and Accent test.
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview
5. AMCAT online Test


The grammar test was quite easy. It contained 20 questions like fill in the blanks with suitable words, error correction etc.

362 students cleared the test.


This was the major round as most of the students were rejected at this stage. Groups of 25 students were made and around 4-5 were selected in each group.

Each student was given a topic on which they had to speak for 1 minute.

Topics were not at all tough. They were as simple as ” what did you do this morning?” I was also given an easy topic which was “Tell me about your favourite TV show?”

72 students cleared this round.

I would suggest that to clear this round all you need is confidence, voice clarity and do not fear. Reading  aloud and speaking in English can do wonders for you.

All they wanted to judge is HOW you speak rather than WHAT you speak.


Next day was the interview. I was asked the following questions:

1. What is a Hamming encoder? (My summer training project)
2. Which online technology is largely used these days?
3. What are the benefits of online shopping?
4. What is the difference between router and a modem?
5. What do you say about politics?
6. What is the difference between a good politician and a bad politician?
7. What shall be your priorities when you are given to  design a website?

My interview lasted for 20 minutes and I was selected.


I was asked the following questions:

1. Introduce yourself
2. Who is your role model?
3. How can you say that you are flexible? (as mentioned in my resume)
4. How many triangles are there in a star diagram?

My interview lasted for 5 minutes and I was selected.

51 students went for the AMCAT online test.

AMCAT TEST: There were 3 sections.

1. English
2. Numerical Ability
3. Reasoning

Final results were announced after 3 days. And I was finally selected.
In total 48 were selected out of almost 600.

Good luck to you!!!

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