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‪Accenture Recent Interview Experience By A Placed Candidate‬(7th Nov,2015)


‪#‎Accenture_Interview_Experience_By_A_Placed_Candidate‬(7th Nov,2015) : Hello Friends… Till yesterday i was in same situation as yours but believe me hardwork always pays..U just need to wait for ur chance.. I m sharing my experience of yesterday ‪#‎accenture‬ drive.(7th Nov,2015) As per my knowledge people without amcat score are asked to give written ...

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Ittiam Placement Paper 2015


1. A 5 digit number is appended with 7(on right of units place) and multiplied by 5 then the result is similar to initial no with 7 on the left most digit (most significant digit). Find the 3rd digit in the initial number ans = abcde7 * 5 ————- 7abcde Therefore, e=5, b=8, ...

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Huawei Placement Papers 2015

Huawei Interview Questions for Freshers

1) Difference and between malloc() and calloc() and its use..2) difference bet structure and union..3)WAP to open and close the file4)what is inheritance, polymorphism,threading5) Select comes in which language. (DQL)6)how to create index.7)Exception handling-checked and unchecked , hierarchy of exception diagram8)String mutability with explanation9)how we achieve abstraction in java. with ...

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Odessa Technologies Placement Papers


Hiring process  1: 1. GD : Must prepare well from current affairs..!!2. Online Test : Aptitude-60 questions in 60 minutes(quanti,logical,verbal,flow charts).Hosted byfreshersworld)3. F2f Rounds : Prepare well from Testing concepts..!Job Description : Writing and creating test cases, finding defects in modules, developing test plan, creating scenarios that cover both positive ...

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