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IBM Recent Interview Experience : 2nd October 2016

IBM Interview Expereience

IBM Recent Interview Experience : 2nd October 2016  Question Paper IBM, Bangalore – 2 October 2016 Reasoning (1)1,3,4,5,13,2,3,4,22,1,2,3,? Solution-> 1+3+4+5=13, 13+2+3+4=22, 22+1+2+3=28 (2)48,24,35,7,16,8,75,15,80,? Solution-> 48/2=24 35/5=7 16/2=8 75/5=15 80/2=40 (3)5,10,9,3,6,5,4,8,7,7,? Solution-> 5*2=10 10-1=9 3*2=6 6-1=5 4*2=8 8-1=7 7*2=14 (4)7,4,6,3,4.5,1.5,2.25,-0.75,? Solution-> 7-3=4; 4*(3/2)=6 ; 6-3=3; 3*(3/2)=4.5; 4.5-3=1.5; 1.5*(3/2)=2.25; 2.25-3=-0.75; -0.75*(3/2)= -1.125 ...

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Appface Technologies Interview Questions

Appface BJS

Appface Technologies Interview Questions 1st round is Apti…and 2nd round is logical reasoning online test ========================================================================== Experience :  Novemeber 2015 First round is written (aptitude+java) full of analytical reasoning..like find next image in series,numbers,odd man out and word equal meaning,opp etc Number series.. Total one&and half an hour test is ...

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Senseforth Technologies Interview Questions


Senseforth Technologies Interview Questions In 1st round ..they will ask normal aptitude questions, like train, distance, patterns,series probability and outputs of some basic C and Java programs;;;;; in 2nd programming round they will ask you to write 2 java programs. I managed to take screenshot of 2nd round…i.e, programming…help yourself ...

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Edureka Interview Questions

Edureka BJS

Edureka Interview Questions They r going to provide u a 6 page question paper. In that 5 pages contain description of a new dummy language which has some library function , data types, operators. Based upon that language , u have to code for the given conditions ========================================================================== how to ...

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Esko-Graphics Interview Questions


Esko-Graphics Interview Questions Apti is really easy…time and work ,time and distance,partnerships,speed,profit loss ..dis ll be coverd… c++ ll be based on exceptions completely also deyl giv prog and we must predict output…pointers ,strings, classes.. aftr ur shrtlisted in codin test probably der r 3 progs out of wih one ...

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Ionidea Interview Questions for Freshers

Ionidea Interview Questions : BJS

Ionidea Interview Questions for Freshers 1) Difference and between malloc() and calloc() nd its use.. 2) difference bet structure and union.. 3)WAP to open and close the file 4)what is inheritance, polymorphism,threading 5) Select comes in which language. (DQL) 6)how to create index. 7)Exception handling-checked and unchecked , hierarchy of ...

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