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IBM Recent Interview Experience : 2nd October 2016

IBM Interview Expereience

IBM Recent Interview Experience : 2nd October 2016  Question Paper IBM, Bangalore – 2 October 2016 Reasoning (1)1,3,4,5,13,2,3,4,22,1,2,3,? Solution-> 1+3+4+5=13, 13+2+3+4=22, 22+1+2+3=28 (2)48,24,35,7,16,8,75,15,80,? Solution-> 48/2=24 35/5=7 16/2=8 75/5=15 80/2=40 (3)5,10,9,3,6,5,4,8,7,7,? Solution-> 5*2=10 10-1=9 3*2=6 6-1=5 4*2=8 8-1=7 7*2=14 (4)7,4,6,3,4.5,1.5,2.25,-0.75,? Solution-> 7-3=4; 4*(3/2)=6 ; 6-3=3; 3*(3/2)=4.5; 4.5-3=1.5; 1.5*(3/2)=2.25; 2.25-3=-0.75; -0.75*(3/2)= -1.125 ...

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Appface Technologies Interview Questions

Appface BJS

Appface Technologies Interview Questions 1st round is Apti…and 2nd round is logical reasoning online test ========================================================================== Experience :  Novemeber 2015 First round is written (aptitude+java) full of analytical reasoning..like find next image in series,numbers,odd man out and word equal meaning,opp etc Number series.. Total one&and half an hour test is ...

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Senseforth Technologies Interview Questions


Senseforth Technologies Interview Questions In 1st round ..they will ask normal aptitude questions, like train, distance, patterns,series probability and outputs of some basic C and Java programs;;;;; in 2nd programming round they will ask you to write 2 java programs. I managed to take screenshot of 2nd round…i.e, programming…help yourself ...

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Edureka Interview Questions

Edureka BJS

Edureka Interview Questions They r going to provide u a 6 page question paper. In that 5 pages contain description of a new dummy language which has some library function , data types, operators. Based upon that language , u have to code for the given conditions ========================================================================== how to ...

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Esko-Graphics Interview Questions


Esko-Graphics Interview Questions Apti is really easy…time and work ,time and distance,partnerships,speed,profit loss ..dis ll be coverd… c++ ll be based on exceptions completely also deyl giv prog and we must predict output…pointers ,strings, classes.. aftr ur shrtlisted in codin test probably der r 3 progs out of wih one ...

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Tech Mahindra Interview Experience 2016

Tech Mahindra : BJS

Tech Mahindra Interview Experience 2016 Hi alll …. Attended Tech mahindra off campus today @ chennai and got placed. Out of 800+ …31 candidates are selected. Aptitude round (1 st round) was little bit easy today ….but most of them failed to clear aptitude. Then it is followed by essay ...

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