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TCS Interview Experience By a Fresher – Manjunath Kallannavar

TCS Interview Experience By a Fresher – Manjunath Kallannavar

#TCS #Experience seems lengthy then u can skip unnecessary part 😛
Hi I saw many posts asking about tcs interview tips ,this may help you.

I was placed at our college campus drive .Trust me guys its more easier to get place compare to other companies.It was for two days, first day pre-placement talk one of the HR said to concentrate manly on these
1.Basic fundamentals (Basics of C & electronics as i m ECE Guy 😛 )

2. Attitude (Behavior) ( most of my friends who r gud but not got placed coz of their attitude during interview )

3.Positiveness (say yes to anything Ex. willing to relocate ? say yes 😀 )

4.Keep on talking with your interviewer (even if u don’t knw the answer 🙂


1. #apti
Refer old question papers nearly 90% Q’s repeats .

2.#Email writing – Its easy if you follow below explanation 🙂

note software only checks presence of all key words, more than some 50 words , spelling mistakes , and proper format like start & end point ( dear , thanks & regards ) ,order of key words used, for more help get online software on TCS email writing on google. Practice as many times as u can .
#NOTE: must include only those names whatever given in content not yours , Even if u don’t knw how to frame sentence for particular keyword, write whatever u knw using that key word and make words above 50 .

2.#Interview – 3 rounds-> Technical ,HR ,management round

#Technical – prepare well with tell me about your self as they asks this first , I was asked questions on electrical transmission line , I was tried to answer but it was wrong they said then I frankly said sir I don’t knw much about Electrical as I belong to ECE (Though he answered me that Q’s as my answer was also closer ) then he switched to logic design, very simple like what are universal gates (NAND & NOR ) , realize EX-OR using them .
Only 1 Q’s asked on C programming which was checking prime num , and explain logic with value 32 and how many iteration occurs.

#HR round —First she saw my technical round performance as everything going online process they have kept feed back of ur all rounds . She motivated me saying y are u nervous?(Was feeling Tensed )be cool u have performed well in tech round .And then asked my family back round later she said submit ur DOCS no need to go for MR round.Then I got confident that I have a chance.

#MR round —-As far I knw in this round they try to improve your mistakes u did in first two rounds or try to check whether u can be improved (Ex. Attitude ,behavior ,communications , tech etc ) . If you don’t make this round then u r gone. Many of my friends placed coz of this round as haven’t performed well in first 2 rounds .

#NOTE: Getting into TCS is easy as their requirement is endless .Make sure u behave (attitude) well in interview . I saw many of my friends not get placed coz of their attitude during interview even though they had answered all Q’s .Some of my friends who showed good behavior even though not good at technical (TCS looks only for those candidate who can fit into company )
Hope this is helpful to some extend .Thank u #AllTheBest #CUinTCS
–Help Others To Help Your Self  🙂

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