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Paytm Interview Experience and Placement Papers 2017

Paytm Interview Experience and Placement Papers 2017

Pretty easy, few technical questions about Java and Scala, my previous projects and advanced skills, few questions about soft skills as well, how I see my future career, standard HR questions
Interview Questions
Mainly coding skills
They conducted 3 technical rounds.
First round was basic Java programs(strings,palindrome,array), SQL queries, joins, Selenium and Appium basics like waits, grid.
Second round was about framework, API, database
Third round was domain knowledge, payments, webservices
Interview Questions
Webservices used in e-commerce website
It was an interview through college. The whole process is tightly packed and well thought of the interviewer was very friendly and interested in what i had to say and gave me full encouragement to speak.
Interview Questions
How would you optimize the database table with billion records?
Category Manager Interview:
I had a phone screen with a category manager who discussed my CV and experience, followed by a face to face interview with the hiring manager for the job opening
Interview Questions
On the spot case studies from unrelated industries
Team Leader Interview :
got call from paytm HR team, got scheduled for F2F rounds on a weekend at 11 am, reached 10 mins earlier. interview process started immedietly.
interviewer asked about my current role and made fun that i am ruining my career and will be able to work for services company only. still i kept my calm and proceeded to technical questions.
he asked 2 design questions and 1 algorithm questions within 15-20 mins and without listening to my answers properly kept moving on to next question.
1 traveled for more then 5 hours for this interview and got 15 mins of egoistic interviewer.
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Interview Questions
1.current roles and responsibilities
2. a question from my current project
3. 1 hypothetical design question
Was called to the main office , after 1 round was told to leave. On asking for clarification/feedback some senior employee called me and said that we do not have opening for this position and you were called by mistake . Please do not waste time of people
Interview Questions
sql, manual testing ,domain knowledge
Paytm Software Engineer1 Interview :
There were 4 round for hiring process.
1. Online test : 3 basic questions of strings and one question of basic maths.
2. Tech interview 1: 3 coding questions and some basic dbms questions.
3. Tech interview 2: discussion on my projects and a puzzle.
4. HR interview : discussion on my projects some questions related to new technologies and some questions from robotics and AI .
Followed by some HR questions.
Interview Questions
1st round : There were 3 questions in online test.
2nd round : the interviewer asked me three coding questions.
3rd round : my projects were discussed and the interviewer asked some puzzles to me.

1. Given inorder and pre-order of a binary tree , construct the tree.
2. Minimum jump to reach end of the array.
3. A simple dp question
Software Engineer1 Interview
3 intreview rounds were conducted , that included written test , technical round and hr round and one more HR round to discuss salary. and after that joining letter was provided on the e mail with the salary structure and distribution
Interview Questions
questions related to excel , reasoning questions , analytical reasoning , questions related to your CV
Simple And Easy Interview , no need to panic if your best at you . They Will Ask about your previous experience , HR Persons are very nice ,cool and pleasant .
Interview Questions
Your past Experiences , About You , Schooling and all

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