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EMC Corporation Recent Interview Experience

Hey everyone . I got placed in EMC and therfore’m gonna share ma experience .

round 1- group discussion.. was more like a jam session , u can choose any topic but remember
this is mass elimination round .Ur speech must be CLEAR and PRECISE. As HR will select only 3 to 6 in every batch.
Then round 2 will have multiple choice questions ,this will cover basics from NETWORKING and OS .
and some questions on raid levels
time duration will be of 20 mins
then essay writing . u will get achoice from 5 topics. Do prepare this well .
1 . social networking
2. Recent technologies in IT
3. E-commerce
4.Digital india
sorry but i don’t remember the last one
then here comes the most crucial round
CASE STUDY ROUND :- u would be provided with a glossary and complete information based on raid levels then u will be provided with an example,u need to understand it thoroughly and then solve it .
round 4- this will be a face 2 face technical interview. This one is simple if u have played smartly. They will mainly ask questions frm the case study .U need to explain ur answers
and few questions from resume would be asked. do prepare ur projects also.
round 5- HR round
there will be basic hr questions
Tell me about yourself?
Why have you chosen to work in our company?
is it okay to sign 2 yrs bond?
where u see yourself in 5 years?
r u comfortable with the night shift?
there will be total 5 ROUNDS
They will tell the results on next day to those who get
shortlisted. U wil get an email regarding this. give ur best shot
becoz they will select candidates based on ranking i.e how we performed in all these rounds.
so all the very best to everyone . I know we all have been trying hard frm last many months or years maybe but trust me on this failure is nothing but a state of ur mind. All u need to do is “WORK ON UR WEAKNESS”
nd finally i would like to thanks the admins of this group. To be very honest, this wouldn’t have been possible without all of u. this is something i can not express in words . i would like to take this as an oppurtunity and thank u bhaiya for helping me to make a start.


EMC Corporation Interview Experience shared by one another candidate :

1st round group Discussion:

its kind of extempore…they asked to introduce yourself and speak in front of everyone of any topic you want for 2 minutes.(you should be audible to everyone and be confident and make eye contact with the all people present in the room , rest you speak doesnt matter whether that is correct or not)

2nd Round was online aptitude test :-

That was very easy and totally reasoning based questions (syllogism,statement based,analogy types)

3rd Round was technical :-

They asked from resume about project,,which subject you like most…whyy you have done engineering..what makes you feel intrest in computers,,, how you managed your project,,,as it was a team work,,
SQL queries they asked basic one
basic about java (as they asked me which is ur favroite sbject during engineering)

4th Round HR Round:-

what do u mean by project?
what do u mean by project management?
how can u define role of project manager?
difference between goal and dream
tell me ur aspiration, desire, dream, goal,
why only emc you want to join
what r ur strength and weakness

if there will b some shortcomings in your team regarding skills, how will you manage them

why should we hire you
after 2 yrs where you want to see yourself
u comfortable wid night shifts
2 yrs bond
family background
you comfortable to join in bangalore
(they mainly focused on communication skils)’

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