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IBM Recent Interview Experience 2017 – BJS Bangalore Job Seeker

IBM Recent Interview Experience 2017 – BJS Bangalore Job Seeker

#Inspirational Post for all job seekers must go through it.This post am sharing will really help all job seekers as it will inspire you do more work more hard and challenge all the challenges which ever may come in your way to success. Guys in my opinion three things are important to preparation first of all you need to have that confidence in yourself, willingness to work hard and proper guidance for success. When all these three things meet no one can stop you from achieving success.
First of all I would like to start with the moment from where I came to Bangalore after not getting job from my college & it was really difficult for me being from a middle class family to convince my family to let me to go to Bangalore. But my family supported me all through this phase and I had that confidence in myself that I will definitely get job. After coming to Bangalore I went for many drives at beginning and also got shortlisted in few companies but my search for the better and best still continued. I started preparing for Elitmus and got really good marks in that. Then I gradually realised that at the same time I need to improve my technical and communication skills as well. And these things helped in gaining confidence and clearing rounds of various interviews. On 22 September that day came when I was shortlisted for IBM the name itself is enough to say everything about IBM. After which I got the joining for 23rd January. I joined ibm today.I had also cleared all rounds in mysis. Guys have that confidence in yourself and work hard you defiantly get success. Coming back to my interview experience in IBM.
#confidence really matters a lot in interview.
First round consisted of two sets of questions where first set consisted of 18 series questions and second of 18 aptitude questions and there will 2:15 min for every questions. There was an English round as well which consisted of grammar, business letter and other important aspects of English in it. After clearing these rounds I went for interview in which he asked me
1. To introduce myself
2. My interests and hobbies
3. Questions related to my project like how is project different form others, why did you choose such a project, technology used, they may ask connection as well.
4. Questions related to oops and DBMS concepts.
5. Difference between team leader and manager
6. What do you see yourself after 5 years.
7.Difference between architect and analyst.
8. Five consecutive posts after joining to your present position.


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