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Epicor Software Interview Questions and Placement Papers | Bangalore Job Seeker

Epicor Software Interview Questions and Placement Papers | Bangalore Job Seeker

Normal c,c++ program…and one program.. Which contains 70% of marks.they ask questions on hackerrank
Try to solve programs from Hacker rank…They will tel to execute program in HackerRank or HackerEarth…

Programs :
There are n elements in an array, you have to find the number of iteration so that each element of that array will be same, but
1. U can increment by one 1 like 5 will be 6
2 u have to take only n-1 elements in each iteration
5 rounds…
Online test
Manageral round
1st: apti+ coding
2nd: Tech 1
3rd : Tech 2
4th: Managerial Sound
5th: HR
1st round- written (apti+logical and 1 programming qustion).2nd round technical interview and 3rd hr
Programs : like palindrome armstrng reverse a string
questions are from 15 approx- html + 5 css + 10php and all are from hackers earth website i have cleared it . they will select 10 student out of 200
first round – online test second- interview, third – versant english communication test and fourth- technical
got phone interview after campus career fair, the phone interview is nothing about technical, they only asked about your background and introduce any kind of software jobs in epic. and then they gave me a online assessment and told me to finish as soon as possible. the online assessment takes around 3-4 hours and four parts, coding, math, learning a new language and quick answering
Phone interview. Then technical online testing (no interviewer), in a computer lab in my campus.Phone interview. Then technical online testing (no interviewer), in a computer lab in my campus.Phone interview. Then technical online testing (no interviewer), in a computer lab in my campus.

Interview Questions
Virtual function in Java
First round is phone interview, I did it in summer in 2013, it took about 45 mins, the interviewer asked some hr questions, then a technical question. He spent much time introducing the company, very nice.
Second round is online test, it took 3-4 hours, there are four algorithms in the last, you have to prepare them before taking that.

Interview Questions
You have to prepare the algorithm, because you need to write it correctly in whiteboard
I was contacted by a recruiter and decided to take it a shot. Took a personality test called Rembrandt and then had a phone interview with a software engineer. Rembrandt was pretty straightforward nothing to worry about really and the interview with employee was basically just to go over my resume and confirm the information included in it. I took the skills test a local library and it was not very hard but the last problems on the programming section were a bit tricky.
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Interview Questions
Why are you interested in working for Epic?
Start with some question with the resume. Everything else is pretty much described by other post. nothing new.

Interview Questions
what is static function of c++. why do we need it.
2 technical and 1 managerial round. Managerial round i felt v bad, at least they should know how to talk people if someone comes from far to attend interview. Have some courtesy and respect towards people. They said they can hire some IITian instead but they were fixating on salary like they didn’t want to pay even 8 lpa for 3 years.

Interview Questions
they asked oop concepts and data structure questions. after taking 2 technical manager said you might not be knowing all the things.
interview process mainly comprise of online assessment exam.
Online exam will have aptitude and reasoning questions –45 minutes of time
Scenario based programming questions–mainly 1 or 3 based on experience
Question difficulty level is medium but need a lot of practice to clear the round.

Interview Questions
probability qn ,blood relation qn , profit and loss, direction based,
in programming section–
Question based on balanced string like aabbcc–balanced else aabbbbdd–unbalanced
I had 3 interviews, the first one was with the HR personal, a brief examination of my english level, then a technical Java exam, that was fairly easy. The second interview was with four guys at the same time throwing me a lots of questions, technical and personals, the last interview was with the manager.

Interview Questions
The java exam, where easy questions, it had 2 problems at the end, one of sorting numbers, and the classic fibonacci.

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