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Pole to Win Interview Questions for Freshers

Pole to Win Interview Questions for Freshers 

Round 1: They will give u a paper there u have to write wat games u have played. They will check communication and ask you about games like how many maps counter strike has?latest version of nfs?wat is the ending of gta vice city? explain mario game?..anything which is written in that given paper..
Round 2 is an essay round: i got this topic
Imagine the world after 100 years. Ten min for essay writing
Round 3: i s language test…they will check grammar , Vocabulary , correct the paragraph and male appropriate capitalization,spelling, proper use of preposition , article, and conjunctions…test is of 75 marks and 45 min
round 4: is the technical aptitude. you can easily clear all the round…
But, here is the fact the i went there at 9.30am and came out 8.30 pm.. after you clear the last round they will ask you to go home and they will call you and inform the results..But , they wont.
i believe that they are just wasting candidates time. Most the people are getting entry in this company if they have someone strong people inside or if they pay money to any consultancy..i know a guy who got job like that few months ago..So if you have free time and you dont mind waiting for long time than go ahead and attend the interview…But dont expect much even if you do well.


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