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How to negotiate salary while switching jobs ?

How to negotiate salary while switching jobs ?
After the technical and HR round were over;
Interviewer- What’s your salary expectation?
He- 14–15 LPA
Interviewer- What’s your current salary?
He- 1o LPA
Interviewer (little angry tone)- Tell me who will give you that much hike?
He (cool & composed)- Sir, there are companies which are paying that much hike for the right candidate. Your company is one of them. My colleagues work in your company and I know a bit about your culture…which looks pretty awesome.
Interviewer- Melts like Ice on a summer day- We will get back to you!
He got selected!
For pulling a successful salary negotiation:
1. First, impress the interviewer with your technical knowledge.
2. Hit his bouncers out of the park during the HR round.
3. Make yourself desirable- Let him want to hire you.
4. Research well about the company and learn about the exceptional cases where they gave ridiculously high hikes in past to justify the reasonable salary you’ve asked.
5. If needed, try to politely walk out; let them subtly know that you’ve other options.
6. Let them know that you’re not actively looking for a job and just came there to their interview because you like the company.
7. If they really like you much, they’ll talk to their superiors, would be your advocate in justifying your salary demand and will hire you. It happens everywhere. you just need to hit the bull’s eye.
As per personal experience, If you are technically sound have some skill which is in demand then you can ask 100% hike.
Suppose you are developer working in .net or java or php then learn scripting language like Jquery, Angular, Node or something which is in higly demand.
Or you are working as a tester and know manual plus little bit automation thn learn automation or load/performance as these stuffs are highly in demand.
This make you unique among others and could help you to fetch good money.


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