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Delphi automotive Systems Interview Questions : Bangalore Job Seeker

Delphi automotive Systems Interview Questions : Bangalore Job Seeker

I applied through a recruiter. The process took 5 days. I interviewed at Delphi (Bangalore) in May 2016.

I got a call from consultancy and they scheduled my interview with Delphi Automotive for contractual position of 6 months.
It was direct face to face interview but when I reached there and tried to reach my contact person, they where not aware of my scheduled interview with them. So again I contacted my consultancy and somehow they took my interview.
They provided me the Job Description but they haven’t focused on testing.
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Interview Questions
They reviewed my resume thoroughly and most of the questions are asked from my resume only.
based on major and minor project.
Microcontroller and Embedded basic questions.
two three programming based on C. (Recursion, Files and function overloading)
At last they told my that they are looking for a candidate who is strong enough in testing although I mentioned my skills in resume and through that they shortlisted my profile.

Delphi Interview Process (4 Rounds) :
1. Written Test (Related to the C, C++)
2. Technical Interview (Technical Lead)
3. Managerial Interview (Manager)
4. HR Operation (HR)
Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Technical Center India,
No.24, Phase I, Block II, Kalyani Platina,
EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560 066.

Landmark: Adjacent to Kalyani Motors
Opposite to Brookfield Hospital , McDonalds
Bus Stop: Cosmos Bus Stop

There was written test that has aptitude and a technical test.
once i cleared it,,,there was a panel discussion with two members..
the interviewers were very friendly and discussion was cool.It was on C prog language.
after clearing this i was put on to manager round which was just to check my body language..
it was nice…

Interview Questions
how would rate yourself in sikks
1 Answer
where would you expect yourself after 5 years
1 Answer
The offer made was a blunder..HRs changed the policies and told that i will be taken as a contract employee…
since i wan passioante to work on programming i accepted for this offer .
interview process was good there wer 4 round all happened in one day 1st was written then 2 were technical and final hr

Interview Questions
your project work
I applied through college or university. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Delphi (Bangalore) in April 2011.

It was good. Decent technical questions for a fresher.The concepts in c programming were tested.They understood the background from which the candidate came.After the technical interview, the HR round was a mere formality.

Interview Questions
C programming concepts
I interviewed at Delphi (Bangalore) .

Interview process will be good, will ask many basic questions. Delphi believe that if we are strong in basic most of the work will be done properly. most basic questions and will ask what you have worked. Be sure what you have worked and be specific to questions

Interview Questions
most basic questions and will ask what you have worked.
I applied through an employee referral. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Delphi (Bangalore) in July 2015.

Total 3 Rounds
1. Telephonic Technical
2. Face to face technical
3. Managerial Round

First telephonic round. Once you clear, then you will be asked for 1:1 technical round to the company location. its pure technical round. once you clear this one also, then next round will be managerial. This both technical & managerial level. this purely test to weather you can be adjusted within the team or not. Then after HR round.

Interview Questions
Basic c questions, Previous project exp.
I applied through a recruiter. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Delphi (Bangalore).

Interview process consists of Technical round , Manager round and HR round. If you can clear the Technical round then you can easily get through other rounds. Technical round mainly consists of testing your C,C++ Skills and logical thinking towards problem solving and automotive protocols like CAN, LIN. Important point is you have to be more focused on micro controller basics as well.

Interview Questions
How good are you in Embedded Systems , C , Analytical skills and automotive protocols like CAN , LIN etc
I applied through college or university. The process took 1+ week. I interviewed at Delphi in December 2013.

Applied on campus and then was sent an email to ask for a phone interview. Phone interview was simple, asked me what I was interested in doing, what do I enjoy and if I had any questions for them.

Interview Questions
Do you have any questions?
I applied through college or university. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Delphi (Bangalore) in October 2012.

I attended the interview through Campus Recruitment. At first had a written test for an hour followed by a GD. Had three rounds of interviews. Two 1-1 interview and a HR Round. They asked questions on basic C concepts, electronics, subjects of interests. Totally they hired 10 people from our College

Interview Questions
Basic C, electronics questions
I interviewed at Delphi (Coimbatore) in September 2012.

Written test, GD, Tech interview, HR for ECE,EEE,E & I students. Written test had easy questions on semiconductor devices, analog & digital electronics, microprocessors 8085,8086, basics of C, control systems, opamps.40 questions for 45 min. Cleared written test & GD. Eliminated in Tech round. was asked questions on digital electronics, microcontroller architectures, hardware design questions etc.

Interview Questions
nothing was entirely difficult, but the architectures question was unexpected..

Explain about your project in which you have worked
Brief introduction about self, personally and professionally.
Explain in details about CAN basics
Explain in details about LIN Basics
Explain in details about UDS
Some basics as well as some C++ programming
Some basics as well as some C Programming
Some basics for Boot loader concepts
How does DOORS work in project
some concepts of Pointers

Interview Questions
Why do you prefer to join this company

Four rounds of interview

1. Technical interview with a panel of two Senior Engineers/ Team Lead
2. Managerial round with the Project Manager
3. Discussion with Senior Manager of the Business Unit
4. HR round

Cons: Long wait time

Interview Questions
CAN protocol and CAPL basics

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