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Senseforth Technologies Interview Questions

Senseforth Technologies Interview Questions

In 1st round ..they will ask normal aptitude questions, like train, distance, patterns,series probability and outputs of some basic C and Java programs;;;;; in 2nd programming round they will ask you to write 2 java programs. I managed to take screenshot of 2nd round…i.e, programming…help yourself by seeing the attached pictures
It was online test, so , I didn’t bother to copy program to some third place apart from answer box. I solved it, not entirely but satisfactorily. I couldn’t utilize my time, wasted it. But, you can search in google, like how to split words in paragaraph, how to find middle letter etc.. And the best thing is the exam is ,it is not web cam proctuored, so u can serach in another tab while in exam. No, on’es gonna find you, or trace you.
you have to prepare on servlet,jsp,sorting,searching algorthim, programs on pattern,sql qureies,what is set,list,map .you have to tell about ur projects ..
apti->13, anp techincal(java)-> 12 , 4 program (DSA)
12 apti/logical qns and 13 technical qns
apti is easy……RS aggarwal revision would be enough
In technical …..qns from java and C language.
there will be questions from c java and simple aptitude and reasoning also(figure based)… it will be mostly easy


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