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IBM Interview Experience 2016

IBM Interview Experience 2016 

IBM Drive Interview Experience shared by a candidate :
Same day they will announce the result and all the questions they will ask from your resume only …..
There are three sections in aptitude-
Number series,Quants & English
And there are 2 rounds in aptitude –
1st round is including number series and quants
2nd round is English…
It’s not like you have to clear 1st round then you will attend 2nd you will get a chance to attend both rounds ……
After 3-4 Hours they will anounce the result of aptitude round
There are around 1000 approx guys who attended apti round only and out of that 95 slected for the interview.
But 4 students didn’t have 60% in 10 or 12 ,so their result was dismissed and 91 students cleared the aptitude exam.
INTERVIEW Experience
Next day interview round,not so tough ,one of easiest interview round.
they asked basic technical from dbms,c and project.
For maximum students questions were from these sections,many students’ interview was mainly hr based , interviewers were very much friendly.
In HR they asked questions like ..
introduce yourself,
most difficult situation of ur life how u overcome that
why u interested in it field
they gave some situation based questions,some questions related the project,what was my part,what difficulties I faced implemening the project,any problem with relocation mainly these type of questions.
Interview was easy type ,after clearing the aptitude one can easily crack it if one can answer these questions correctly.
At last near 65 students are in interview round,basically interviewrs were focussing on English,team work ,lead ship qualities ……

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