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Syntel Interview Questions

Syntel Interview Questions 

I cleared the written test of the previous pattern.

– i.e Quants, verbal, Reasoning.

– 30 Questions and 20 min for each.

1) Written Test.

2) Group Discussion.

3) Technical Interview.

4) HR Interview.

2.Group Discussion:

The GD includes 10 members and the topic given to us is “Technology in Medical Field”. Try to Speak Key points and without any breakdowns they are just looking at the fluency and our way of communication.You can easily clear this round. In the group of 10 people almost 5 got cleared.

3.Technical Interview:

They will give us a form we have to fill it which contains our personal details and academic details we have to rate it according to our skills in academics.


I am from CSE domain

1. what is your name?
2.Tell me about yourself?
3.Tell me about your academic project

According to the information or rating given in the form they will ask the questions .
I am good at HTML ,C,SQL so I gave high rating for those skills.

4. HTML tags
5.Difference b/w HTML4 and HTMl5.
6.create a form using HTML (he gave me one sample form )
7.searching and sorting techniques
8.program for one sorting technique
9.Asked me some doubts regarding my project.
10.Asked about certifications
11.some SQL queries.

I have answered most of the questions. It was about 30 – 40 min.

After 15 min Result is announced and I was selected.
4.HR Interview.

I entered the room it has lasted for 10 min

HR saw my profile and asked about my hometown and hobbies.
I said Origami and playing with children
HR asked what is Origami
I replied making art with paper

HR: Asked me about project and my role in project
me: said….

HR: Asked about my siblings and family

HR:Asked me are u flexible enough to work anywhere
Me: replied yes sir I am flexible enough

HR: Tanq result will be mailed to u within 15 dys.
Me:thank you sir with smile..

Waiting for results….
In syntel aptitude test
90 minutes
Three parts
quant , english , LR
30 min 30 ques in each parts
In quant there is a mixed bag of topics like profit and loss, mensuration, compound interest , time and work.. Speed matters a lot..
level of english was good mostly reading passage was there..
LR section was easy.
1ST round was GD….70% students were selected d rejection ratio in this round was too less….u just need to speak and no one is going to give u a chance to speak so u have to grab that chance and if someone interupts u once u started speaking tell him or her politely dat “pls let me complete first ” dis is what exactly i did.so in GD u just need to speak evn if u dnt knw wat exactly u are speaking.
then comes the technical where i was rejected :
he asked me puzzles which was so unexpected….puzzles like if u have 4 tablets in which 2 tablets are of 1 kind and other two are of some different kind and the doctor has asked you to take two tablets from each from both type in d morning and the other two in the evening then how will u take them when their color,shape,size,weight everything is same.
and other puzzle was there is a pond and it has 1 flower on the 1st day,2 flowers on the second day and 4 flowers on the 3rd day and the whole pond got filled on the 20th day then on which day it will be half….
these kinds of puzzles were their which i faced and got rejected.
so be prepare for the unexpected in an interview.
I applied online. The process took 2+ months. I interviewed at Syntel (Hyderābād) in April 2016.
It was a off campus drive by syntel.
i cleared the written test of same previous pattern i.e
Quants ,verbal , Reasoning 30 q and 20 min for each

1)Written Test
2)Group Discussion
3)Technical Interview
4)HR Interview

Group Discussion:

The GD includes 10 members and the topic given to us is “Compare Education System in India to Foreign Education System”.

I haven’t spoken for about 2 min then i just added three points

They are just looking for fluency and…
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Interview Questions
1)Tell me about yourself?
2)Write a c program for fibonacci series?
3) Write a c program for reversing any number?
4)What is recursion and one example program
5)What is diferrence between C and CPP?
6)What is inheritence?
7)How can you implement inheritance in c++?
8)What are OOPS concepts?
9)What is a polymorphism?
10)Tell me about your academic project?
11)Asked me some doubts regarding my project
I applied through college or university. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Syntel (Pune).
1. Aptitude test
2. GD
3. Technical Interview
4. HR

It takes a long time.. You need to keep lots of patience.. The apti test is almost equals to GRE test.. to.prepare according to it.

Interview Questions
Questions on OOPS, Compilation Process, linked list, SQL queries, Mega Project etc.

I applied through college or university. The process took 4+ weeks. I interviewed at Syntel (Vishākhapatnam) in June 2016.
I attended offcampus drive at rajahmundry for written test.after one month i got a mail that i was selected.ater 1 month there are furthur rounds at vizag…1st round is gd with 10 members.our topic is IS SCIENCE BOON OR BANE.from a total of ten they selected 5 from gd.later i attended for tr round.as i was basically from eee they asked me my core subjects.my project.ater 10 min they announced tr result.i was selected for tr and attended hr…he was quite serious and asked common question..result of hr will be given in 15 days..waiting for result…hoping best all the best guys..
Interview Questions
why syntel
I applied through college or university. The process took 3+ months. I interviewed at Syntel.
It was an off campus recruitment .1st round was aptitude ..contains 90 question to solve in 30 minutes ,quantitative ,logical and verbal .prepare from Rs agarwal .time is the important factor .no negative marking .
Results were announced after 2-3 months
2nd round was group discussion in their campus .
A group of 10 students are made ..and 4 minutes is the allotted time ..so speak anything ..but speak ..it is quite simple ..
3rd round – technical interview ..
Question about C programs , odd /even, prime numbers , project , and prepare 2-3 subjects related to your branch ..
4th – Hr – personal questions ..very simple
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Interview Questions
difference between public ,protected and private in Java
I applied through college or university. I interviewed at Syntel (Mumbai).
interview process took one day. i had applied through college campus drive. 1st was online aptitude really simple questions. got result after 3 months. next rounds were GD, Technical and HR at syntel airoli, mumbai. GD was very simple. everyone from my panel was selected even though some people only said one line and not were even confidant and well spoken. lot of people were rejected at technical round even though it was very simple too. asked about my project and some core java questions. your attitude and confidence is very important if you want to clear last 2 rounds i.e tech and hr. last round was HR who didnt really asked me any questions just told me that my previous round score is very good and will i be ready to relocate to Chennai. i said yes (i regret saying yes even though he asked me twice if i am sure). and that was it. i got the job offer but it was chennai so i didnt take it.
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Interview Questions
oops concepts in java with real life examples

I applied through college or university. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Syntel (Hyderābād) in April 2016.
first there was an online exam consists of aptitude verbal logical sections.after clearing the exam we have 3 rounds gd,technical followed by hr round.interview was easy they just asked yu about basic on your core subjects. Hr round was easy asked to read newspaper,tell me about yourself etc.Results are going to anounce after 15 days.

Interview Questions
OOPs concepts,basics of dbms
I applied through college or university. The process took 2 days. I interviewed at Syntel (Vijayawāda).
Offcampus interview. First written exam was conducted for some 1600 students. around 100 got selected in written test and scheduled for interview next day. Written exam has questions on english, aptitude. It felt similar to GRE, but difficulty level is less

Interview Questions
whats your favourite subject ?
I applied through a recruiter. The process took 2 days. I interviewed at Syntel (Pune) in April 2016.
General Aptitude-time distance problems,Logical reasoning,puzzle,Age,Probability,English,Problems on train.
Technical Round-Manly focus on Resume,well prepared for resume,if u mention java then the questions on java.
HR Round-Tell me about your self,positive points,Negative Points,Short term goal,Long Term Goal. why syntel.

Interview Questions
General aptitude questions, English,Logical Reasoning..
Hello Everyone, I attended the referral drive for freshers of 2013 batch for Syntel.

The first round was the aptitude test on the 1st of March.
The second round was the GD on the 2nd of March.
The third round was the technical interview (face2face) on the 2nd of March.
The fourth round was the HR interview (face2face) on the 2nd of March.
For some of the candidates, the tech and the HR interview was conducted together.

In the aptitude,
90 questions.
30 on Analytical Reasoning,
30 on Numerical Reasoning (mathematical aptitude),
30 on Verbal Reasoning (grammar),
60 mins,
No negative marking,
One mark per question,
5 options per question (this was unusual).
In analytical,

there were questions on family-relation, coding-decoding, SAINT/LIAR, number series, etc.
Since I did not have enough time to answer all questions, I don’t know the other question types.

In numericals,
3 questions on average, time and distance, profit and loss; 2 on work and time, mixtures, trains. Questions on Pipes, Ratio, HCF, Simple interest, Compound interest, Simplification, Area.

Not very highly complex questions, but a little bit of twist should be expected.
R.S Agarwal will be more than enough to crack the Syntel apti.

In verbal,
5 questions on correct words in the blank space,
5 questions on synonyms,
2 on antonyms,
5 questions on correct order of sentences,
5 questions on spotting errors,
8 questions on a passage.

They were usual typical Syntel questions. The questions seem tough but the options give you hints. Go through the options once, properly.

In the evening I got a mail saying that I have been selected for further rounds of the interview.


The Next Day:

In GD, the topic was ‘Who is a better captain, Ricky Ponting or Saurav Ganguly’.
Girls, please don’t panic if you know nothing about Cricket.

Since all 10 participants of the group were boys, the invigilator, after a mutual agreement with us, gave us the topic.

Best part of the GD was that the invigilator had asked us to be aggressive since it was an all boys group. We listened to him.

I talked thrice for 20 secs each with a good firm voice and got rapt attention from others. Though I had an option to be aggressive, I chose to be within limits.

Don’t get carried away. It may be a trap.

If you are interrupted, keep saying ‘please let me complete, please listen to me for a while’. Being aggressive does not mean speaking on top of your voice and lose your temper. Remember, its still a discussion, not a fight.

There were some good speakers in the group. Hence 7 out of 10 got selected including me.

In the end of the GD, the candidates who did not speak much had a chance given to them by the invigilator. 1 of them grabbed the chance and the other 3 were rejected.

In the technical interview, there was a single person taking my interview.
The interviewer greeted me asked me to have a seat.
I thanked him for that.

Question 1: Tell me something about yourself [Meanwhile, he was going through my CV carefully].

Answered about me, my education, my family, hobbies.

Question 2: Your project seem interesting, can you explain it to me in detail?
Answered with the basic flow of the project, drew a few diagrams about the flow, explained the architecture and different modules. Lot of hand gestures to represent client/server interactions.

[He cross questioned me on a few things; I answered all of those].

Question 3: What do you know about ‘JMeter’? (It was mentioned it in my CV)

Question 4: Are you ready to work in shifts?

Question 5: Are you ready to relocate?

Question 5: You have mentioned 6 technical skills, what are you most comfortable with?

Question 6: Are you ready to work in analysis and testing?

Given a choice, I would definitely choose development, but if Syntel reckons that I am more utilizable in the testing domain, I will joyfully accept the domain.

Interviewer: Okay, Good. It was nice meeting you Tufail.

Me: It was nice meeting you too Sir. Have a nice day.
I left the room and shut the dooe behind me.

After 10 mins of waiting outside, a HR coordinator came to me saying “Please follow me for your HR round!”

I was like ‘phew!!!’

My HR too was taken by a single person.

In the HR interview:

The HR greeted me and asked me to have a seat.
I thanked him for that. He went through my CV carefully.

HR: Why have your marks gone down after your 10th?

Answered about being too involved in extra-curricular activities and then managing it well in the latter half of BE and pulling things off in the final year.

HR: What are your aspirations?

Answered about my long-term and short-term aspirations.

HR: What are your plus points?

Answered about me being a good leader as well as a team player, quick learner and a very social and a friendly person, a versatile individual.

HR: Give me an example of you being a good leader?

Answered about how I lead my team to the annual trophy in annual sports.

HR: Why do you want to join Syntel?

HR: Are you ready to work in shifts?

HR: Are you ready to relocate to Gurgaon?

HR: What are the areas you think you need to improve on?

Answered that I need to be more objective in a competitive environment.

HR: Asked me a puzzle about ‘2 dice which would always show dates of a month’?
Could not solve entirely. But kept trying to solve till he asked me to stop. Although, I reached till a partially correct stage (HR agreed to it).

HR: No problem, That’s all from me. Do you have any questions for me?

HR: Okay, Good. It was nice meeting you Tufail.
Me: It was nice meeting you too Sir. Have a nice day.

HR: You too. Best of luck.

On the 5th of March, in the evening, I got an e-mail that was ecstasy for me. Golden words for any fresher – “You have been selected”

All you guys, don’t worry!!! Be confident, perform well and ‘Consider IT done’. See you in Syntel.
For more : http://www.indiabix.com/placement-papers/syntel/


Hope this helps !!

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