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CGI‬ Interview Experience Through Careernet by some Candidates

‎CGI‬ Interview Experience Through Careernet by some Candidates :
There are 3 rounds of interview at careernet.
1st round : Group Discussion.(general GD topics)
2nd round : online test (aptitude , logical questions level of questions is easy)
3rd round : written Test
There were 25 Questions u have to solve in 30 mins,12 is cut off!
I>1 to 5 English grammer questions like verb,tenses etc
II>5to10 Pragraph u have to relate the words.
III>10 to 20 aptitude
a>profit & loss
b>time & work
e>Boolean etc
IV>20 to 25 relationship questions may be in the form of paragraph or charts.
if you clear all the rounds at carrernet then they will give u for technical round which will be conducted at CGI office.
1.the first step is english communicaiton check.
they will give you few minutes to prepare on any topic. And you have to be fluent and no grammer mistakes.
second is online aptitude test by carreernet that is easy to crack basic questions.
and 3rd round is again offline cgi aptitude test that is also easy but you have to clear both the aptitude rounds to get shortlisted for futher interview process
all 3 rounds on the same day and if you clear all 3 rounds they will tell your name then after few days interview in cgi office.
u can ask ashu only
for the questions
he has all questions which will be asked in cgi
2.Its a JAM session. Be prepared on any of the topics of ur choice. Whether u byheart it or not that doesn’t actually matter. Be fluent . Fluency is what matters and be a little loud. After clearing GD. Next is online aptitude. 3rd written aptitude round. So be fast and manage time. If u clear all these rounds, u will be having technical rounds in CGI. technical rounds will not be on the same day. So, just concentrate on GD and aptitude
1&2round will be gd than 3&4th round will be written test if you pass this 4stage CGI will call you for further F2F tech nd HR round
First round will b gd if u clear that
There will b a offline test most of the questions based on English only ,very few questions from quant
25 questions in 30 mins
first round is written test .out of 30 questions(20 are apti and reasoning) and 10 on english.
If u clear that round next is GD u hv to select one topic and speak about that for 1 or 2 mins
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