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FISERV INDIA Interview Experience 2016

My Interview experience in FISERV INDIA.

First of all I would like to say please never avoid any interview because it gives you

a lot of experience.

Interviewer are always co-operative.so, just calm down and attend the interview.

Process of Selection: There were these 4 process

1) aptitude 60 questions and 60 minutes

– Questions were divided into 6 sections, the sections are:

a) numerical ability

b) computer ability

c) verbal ability : passages, synonyms and antonyms.

d) logical ability: odd one out, blood relation



Out of 200+ candidates only 16 were selected, out of which 14 of us had attended the second round.

2) passage writing:

Topics: Two topics given, we had to write on only one

Time: 10 minutes

my Suggestion: try to list the keywords related to the topics in order like define the topic,

advantage and disadvantage and suggestions if there is applicable

a) Social networking

b) Expectations from your job

I had written on “Social networking” as we know this is the most easy topic.

I had used Four steps:

i) Definition of the Social Networking : The medium to communicate among the people living across the globe

ii) Example : fb, tv, email, whatsapp, radio, magazines,phones, etc

iii) Advantage of Social Networking : upto date information, easy to communicate, easily available, post office was not effective

iv) Disadvantage of Social Networking : radiations from tv, phones harms our body, people are becoming lazy

Out of 14 candidates 11 were selected.

After this round we are informed to leave for the day. And they said we will get the mail for next round by today evening

regarding our timing for that in their campus on 29th jan.

3) Technical Round: The interview lasted for around 20 minutes

The questions were:

a) Tell me about yourself.

b) one puzzle: one isolated room has one bulb, there are 3 switches outside the room, only one switch is going to light the bulb. How you are going to

determine which switch is going to light the bulb if you are allowed to enter in the room only once.

Answer: switch on the first switch for 5 minutes, and then on the second switch and then enter the room.

cases: i) if light is on, we say it is second switch

ii) if not, touch the light, if it is hot then first switch

iii) otherwise third switch

c) Questions on joins.

d) group by vs order by.

e) one table given, I had to implement group by and order by.

f) about my project.

e) IDE used for my project and its version

4) Technical + HR round: It lasted for longer period around 40 minutes.

The questions asked in this round are:

a) Tell me about yourself?

b) What is OOPs?

c) Features of OOPS?

d) How OOPs features (i.e, Encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance) happens in real programming?

e) Why is circular linked list used? Explain in the terms of programming.

f) Why OOPs concept is brought into existence?

g) What you know about java?

h) Give example where you can use OOPs concept in real programming. Example for each inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation

i) What is joins?

j) Types of joins?

k) Two table was given I was asked to apply all the joins.

l) Can we apply joins on single table? If yes which one and if not why?

m) What is your expectation from the company for two years as there is BOND OF 2 YEARS?

n) Tell me about your project.

o) How you have used OOPs features in your project?

p) Draw the flow chart of your project.

q) In which field you would like to work if you are selected?

r) If we don’t have positions for the field you desire, would you be feasible to work for the fields? why?

s) Difference between group by and order by?

t) why you want to be part of this company?

u) How can you access the private member of class in java?

v) What is constructor? What is the use of it?

w) Do you have any questions for me?

After this round, I was informed to leave for the day.

and I would be contacted by HR on Monday.



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