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HP‬ Placement Papers & Patterns 2016

HP‬ Placement Papers & Patterns 2016
1st round written test (MCQs 55 ques-75 min):
– Apti – 12 question (trains, avg, probability, percentage, profit n loss etc).
– English – 8 question including passage.– its very easy, u can crack
– Technical – 35 question C, C++, java, SQL queries (Output of C & C++ pgm, error detection, DDL, DML, joins, round n trunc functions etc).
i.e. be clear with data structures, basics of C &C++ and databases
2nd round Technical interview: Clear your Basics…Thats’s it.
generally for half an hour
It was very very easy.
– Tell me about yourself.
– Basic java programs.
-What Different you had done in ur enggineering career?
– What all concepts you know in java write as a tree structure?
– WAQ to retrieve all columns from emp table.
– WAQ to display only fname starting with letter V.
– What are aggregate functions?
– Difference between C++ and Java.
Managerial Round: 10-20 mins
Shortlisted students called inside one by one.
– Tell me about yourself.
– What do you know about HP?
_what benefits you can give to hp?
-Can give some situation and ask questions on that
– Do you want to work for HP.
After this round they gave HP form to fill.
Next round HR :10-20 mins
– Tell me about yourself.
– Tell me about your college days.
– Favourite subject.
– Hobbies and question related to that.
– What do you know about our company?
– Why should I hire you?
– Are you ready to relocate?

One More candidate experience :
1. Round-1: (Oct 8, 10:00 AM)
Written test :
1. Quants and normal Maths questions = 12
2. Verbal questions (Reading Comprehension) easy=8
3. Technical Apti =35
(C programs – based on operators like Bitwise, etc)
(OOPs Concepts – C++ & Java)
(DBMS Questions (8))
Totally 55 questions.
More than 5000 students are PARTICIPATED this Interview, Only 450 + cleared first round. I too cleared.
2. Round :- Technical
3. ROund :- HR

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