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General Electric Interview Experience

I am going to share my experience about General Electric placement paper experience and GE interview questions. There were three rounds: written test, technical round and HR.

I am computer science candidates. GE visited our campus for freshers.

Bellow is GE Interview Questions:

Written Test: First round

There were 90 mins for the first round. There was no negative marking. They have allotted 60 minutes for an aptitude and 30 minutes for a technical test.

The written test consists of basics quantitative aptitude, LR, English and technical. Aptitude section was time taking. So I suggest you don’t stick to any question and try to attempt all the questions.

If anyone wants to score good in the technical section, revise your previous years gate exam questions, as most of the questions were from the same.There were questions from Data Structure, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Networks, DBMS.
If you will focus on the above two things, you will get entry to the second round.

Technical GE Interview Questions: Round Second

The duration of this round was almost 1 hour and frankly speaking, an interviewer was really good. He helped me for the questions where I was getting stuck.

In GE interview questions technical round, Firstly he asked, “tell me about yourself” and area of interest. Then he asked about my internship project. Guys, If you really want to perform brilliantly, try to relate all the questions to your strong area. say for e.g “project”. Then few questions were from semaphores, threads, deadlocks, the real application of threads. Some of the tricky questions were:

What is Deadlock in the operating system?
Solution: Deadlock in Operating System: Things that You Must Know about It
How to check whether the array is sorted or not?
Solution: How to check array is sorted or not?
Which data structure are used for TCP/IP?
Friends, for the second type questions, don’t answer any specific data structure as the it depends on the scenario and the different situations for which the questions has asked. From these GE interview questions, interviewer only wants to check your confidence on your area of interest.
Which data structure is used for(undo, redo, copy, paste) commands?
Write a code to get the middle node of the linked list(in the most efficient way).
I answered the same as what you guys are thinking right now. But he said that the access time will be more if there are large numbers of nodes. I got stuck at this place. Then he had given me hint that he didn’t ask for singly linked list. Then I got his idea for the “memory efficient XOR doubly linked list” then he got convinced.
Now he asked me about different types of database models from DBMS and SDLC life cycle from software engineering.
I got the same question again-“Which type of SDLC model is being mostly used nowadays in various companies?”.
After giving answers for these GE interview questions, I entered to the third round which was HR.

GE Interview Questions: Round Third (HR):

In HR GE Interview Questions, they ask me some general questions. These are as follows

What was your biggest achievement / failure?
Do you have any location constraint?
Any questions about GE?
After completing this round, HR called us and congratulated us for becoming a part of GE family.


1. Feel free to ask questions from the interviewers.
2. Learn basic information about the company. This shows your interest towards the company and interviewer will prefer you as compared to other candidates.
3. Luck matters a lot, don’t lose hope if you are not selected. The Good thing is still waiting for you.


Thank you Inderjeet Singh Kaint for sharing your experience about General Electric Placement Paper and GE Interview Questions. We wish you all the best for your future.

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