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CGI Interview Experience 2016

1st round- written – (25 qsns. & time- 30 min.)
• 8 qsns from Aptitude.
( concentrate on number system ,profit -loss, permutation- combination.)
• 8-9 qsns from logical.
(This was the damn easy section. Direct arrangement puzzles were asked.)
• 8-9 from verbal.
(synonyms, antonyms, fill in the blanks, error correction , substitution)
* no negative markings….
*Cut-off was 11 marks.
2nd round-gd-(7-8 persons in 1 grp)
–This was the non-elimination round. Everyone were selected from our group .My topic was “Social Networking” They just check ur communication skill.
3rd round- Technical round ( around 45-60 minutes)
–Basically they will ask you regarding the skills you have mentioned in your cv. & regarding ur project.
The questions which I faced in this round were-
*Difference Between c& c++.
* Explain some concepts of c++.
*Programs for inheritance, method overloading, method overriding.
* operator Overloading.
*Stack implementation in data structure.
* Hashing.
* Algorithm of Push and Pop operation.
* Explain double linked list and circular linked list.
* Explain pointer concept in c. ( jst be thorough with this.)
* C program for swapping .
* explain various joins.
* Take an employee table and department table and by taking different attributes explain primary key, foreign key and join concept.
*Some SQL queries.
* Html Tags.
* Role in your project.
* Explain about your project.
* Explain SDLC.
–After that They had given me 2 puzzles to solve.
1. There are 3 switches outside a closed room. The room has 3 lights and each light is associated with each switch. You have to map the correct switch-light combination . Before opening the door, you can touch only 2 switch. How can you map the correct switch- light combination.?
2. Draw a star and count how many triangles are present in it.
( This was an elimination round . Jst keep in mind about the skills/technologies/languages/subjects that you mention in your cv. As I have mentioned oracle as back end in my project so qsns were asked from database .)
4th round-Technical -2
(Rather I can say it was techno-managerial round for me. It depends on the panel member. )
The questions which I faced :
*Difference between hardwork and smartwork.
* what is attitude.
* What is self-confidence.
* could you relate attitude with confidence.?
* what is negative attitude and what is positive attitude.
* How do you look at your life.?
* Explain team work .
* strength and weakness.
* Briefly explain about ur project – what was your role, how many members were in the project team, how were you technically involved in the project. Etc. etc.
( The only mantra to qualify this round is jst speak.. speak… and speak….. make an eye contact, be confident and have a smile on ur face.)
5th round- Hr round.
(Jst for formality)
*Introduction, family background.
*what do you know about CGI.?
* Ready to relocate to any location.?
( guys… pls… if they ask about relocation and if you are not ready for any specific location like Chennai or Mumbai or some other then please do mention them at that time only. They won’t ask you any preferred location afterwards. They may put you in any location. Jst give them valid reason for not preferring any specific location.)
After getting confirmation mail, I had-
1 telephonic round interview with a project lead of a team.
• Mostly qsns were asked from my project.
• sdlc
• oracle
After that another telephonic interview with a project manager.
• jst a formal conversation .

The above two rounds were done to check whether my skills were suited for the respective project team or not. After that I was selected for the above project team . 🙂

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