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‪Accenture Interview Experience By A Placed Candidate‬(7th Nov,2015)

‪Accenture_Interview_Experience_By_A_Placed_Candidate‬(7th Nov,2015) :
I’m verrrry happy to say that I got selected its a single round for me As I got cal through AMCAT here is my interview process it may help for those who are going for the next drive
They have given token numbers based upon that they called one by one
the interview is started with 5 candidates-2 HR
they calked our batch and all of us entered the room and they are smiling and wished us we replied too
they said to tell just our intro,strength,weakness,passion one by one member
when my turn came
me:Gd aftrn sir (and i told my name clg brnch hometown-I didnt said my percentgeand schooling details)
Hr:ok u have good % In 10th,12th but why u got less percentage in B.tech?
me:I was influenced by some personal problems in my 3rd year at that time I am not able to concentrate on studies but it just spoiled my career just bcoz of that I didnt get placed in campus but later I Made myself strong and learned not to put personal problems into Career and i never did that mistake again
hr:ok good continue
me: i like to visit holy places and tourist places
hr:holy places Which one
me :shirdi
hr:wts the special at there
me:Baba i love him very much
hr2(lady):so today u got ur baba blessings or not
me : Yeah mam (smiling)
Hr:ok fine whats ur passion
Me:I am passionate to be a software developer
Hr:(laughing) I know every One want yo become a software engineer
Me:No sir not like that its my dream even from in childhood if someone asked me my ambition i just said engineer even i dont know what a software will do & i dont have any idea at that time
But i consulted many of my seniors in my village wt to study to become software by following their suggestions I was here today
HR:ok fine continue
me:my biggest weakness is I dont know how to play cricket, when i am in 7th cls my frnds forced me to play cricket so I tried to play and going to hit the ball but before am hitting the ball it hits me on my nose and I lost so much blood
Hr:they both laughing and said but we want only the candidates who will play cricket
me:Ooo good sir but i dont know how to play it(politely)(at this time dont say i will learn it sir bcoz there is no use of cricket in software but if u said u will learn it incase of technology then its ok But if its a cricket they will know that to get a job ur just making them to believe u)
Hr:If u dont know cricket ur not an Indian
me:I hope its not mandatory or rule For the people who live in India to play cricket
Hr:ohhhh reallyy (they moved to other candidates)
After my turn came
Hr:wt u have learned apart from ur technical skills
me:I atrended two workshops on Android mobile application development and Game design by HTML
I learned how to design a mini game very simply with best interface and i learned designing of mobile android apps(i didnt said i developed apps)
After that the result is announced at 3-4 PM
Am feeling tooooooo tensed but my name was there
A suggestion for u always dont be serious in interview just keep smiling and make a joke and make the hr to laugh it may increases ur confidence at that time if they laugh at you
if its a gd even if u talk very less but just look at the other people who are speaking dont think if its a boy or girl just look at tgem only until they finished because there are 2 hr’s one is aking quest and other one will observe ur attitude and concentration or behaviour even we dont know that they are observing
And for those who didnt get the call letter dont frustrate just wait bcoz its just started recruting now only it will be upto 2-3 months and apply with 3-4 mails
All the Very best for all u guys
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