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How to crack AMCAT Exam ?

How to crack AMCAT Exam ?

In Amcat Exam you have 5 modules out of which 3 are compulsory i.e. English,Reasoning and Quantitative,the other two can be opted from a bunch of engineering modules according to our branch.

All the Questions are Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ).
There is no back option in AMCAT exam and you can’t skip the question without attempting the question.

Just go through RS Aggarwal, be sure that you solve both the solved questions and unsolved, they will help a lot in amcat and placement interviews.

Now coming to AMCAT modules :
If there are 25 questions in the section,answer 7 questions correctly out of first 12 questions and believe me you will definitely get easier questions to score in the rest 13 questions.

Many of candidates failed to answer minimum no. questions in one or more sections.As a result their marks falls into negative(-1) score in those sections.
By chance if you see time is about 2 or 3 minutes left and still you have more than half questions left, then don’t get nervous.Just mark all the questions randomly, may be your more than 50% of your random answers are correct.

As there is no negative marking in AMCAT Exam,so don’t leave a single questions.Try to attempt all the questions in time.Dont take too much time(less than 50 Seconds) on a simple question, so that you can give more time( Max. 100 mins) on difficult question.Otherwise you’ll have enough questions left at the last minutes.So chance is less to make a good %ile.So in home only, try to give more online test and complete any questions in as much as less time.So,there’ll be no problem while writing AMCAT exam and You’ll be scored more than 90%ile in every sections.

Steps to follow :

##For English section :
In English section, there are 2 passages.Each passage has 7 questions.First of all Read and understand the meaning of the passage carefully so that you can answer all the questions correctly.Don’t take more time(max. 2mins) to read the passage otherwise you can’t complete the questions in that time.

##For Logical Section :
Just follow R.S. Aggarwal  Reasoning Book and do practice on Weak/Strong Arguments, Data Sufficiency.

##For Aptitude Section:

For this section Just practice from R.S. Aggarwal Aptitude Book, indiabix.com and m4maths.com.Do Practice more on Log, Permutatuins, Combinations, Probability, and Simple and Compund Interests.

##For Computer Programming :

For this section,Brush up your OOPs Concepts and some other important topics such as Pointers, Overloading, Overriding and Data Structure Basics :Sorting techniques to use out of (Heap/Shell/Insertion/Radix), Trees etc.

##Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory :

The module does an overall personality assessment of the candidate and is used to assess candidates in people-interaction and people-management roles.
Number of Questions: 80 and Module Duration: 20 min.Its very easy.Just complete the questions in time.You’ll get 90%ile in this section.

##Computer Science :

In this sections,Number of Questions: 26 and Time Duration: 22 min.So don’t take more than 50 seconds in each question.
For this section,just brush up your :
OS Basics (Computer Architecture ,Process Management and Synchronization,Memory and I/O Management,Time Scheduling Algorithms)
DBMS(Relational Model,Schema,Weak/Strong Entity,Relational Algebra) and
SQL(Normalization, Architecture, Indexing) and
Computer Networks Basics(Basics of networking and communication,OSI, TCP/IP layers and protocols,Network Devices and Routing Algorithms)

Take a good sleep before your AMCAT Exam.

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No matter if you don’t have 60 in Programming.Just try to score 60 above in Apti,Logical and English.You will sure get call from them.

One more thing they’ll not give you call whatever you’ve good percentile after getting marks card.They take atleast 2 months for processing your marks.So wait for 2 months.After that you’ll get calls based on your marks.

Just follow these steps keeping in mind.You’ll easily crack and get a good percentile.


Hope this helps !!
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