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Ittiam Interview Experience shared by Placed Candidates

Ittiam Interview Experience

Experience shared by one Placed Candidates : 

I applied through college or university. The process took 1 dayinterviewed at Ittiam Systems (Bangalore) in April 2015.


college campus placement nothing difficult about the interview, look up the other questions asked, and quite a few cleared the first round. 1)Written Round – quantitative and qualitative questions, intense due to number f problems as well as complexity,included geometric questions 2) Interview 2:1, nice interviewers, friendly and suggesting 3) HR-grilling

Interview Questions

C storage, assembly language – some optimization to be made, difference between mutex and semaphore, simplifying boolean expression,logic gates, basic questions on linked list ad trees  


I applied through college or university. The process took 2 daysinterviewed at Ittiam Systems in July 2014.


first round was a written test ,surprisingly they were using the same paper which they were using in other nits/iiits. So if you have contacts make sure you go through questions beforehand. Round 2 was a technical interview in which questions related to software testing were asked,also they asked to explain the questions which you did in round 1. Round 3 was hr round .Conversion rate is almost 100%.I said almost because dare you say you will going for mba after 2 years you will get rejected.Show Less

Interview Questions

  • what are the types of black box testing,no of swap operations in transpose of a matrix etc.  


Written test: 3 sections, aptitude and technical (Programming/EE/DSP) of 20 questions each and 1 subjective 3 questions on C programming 1 mux based question and 1 state diagram based question (vending machine) technical interview after this HR

Interview Questions

  • Programming in C, esp bitwise operators and logic design. 4 input and gates using 2 input and gates, different implementation and test for propagation delays, 8 input and using 2 input and, derive formula for n input and using 2 input and, masking to retrive nth bit, set a range of bits, A and B 32 bit registers—> C 32 bit registers such that Cbyte0=(Abyte0+Bbyte0)/2 and so on



Written followed by two technical interviews and one HR. Written Test: Two Sections were there.Aptitude and Technical.Aptitude section is must for everybody.Among three technical sections:Digital Signal Processing(DSP),Electrical Engg.(EE),Software(SW) go for any one based on skill set.I took EE paper.It consist of questions from basic electronics like one question on diode ckt ,some questions on digital electronics and signals and systems. Technical Interview #1: I guess they recruited me for RTL… Show More

Interview Questions

  • Aptitude test was a bit difficult.More like CAT paper.
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