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Huawei Placement Papers 2015

1) Difference and between malloc() and calloc() and its use..
2) difference bet structure and union..

3)WAP to open and close the file
4)what is inheritance, polymorphism,threading
5) Select comes in which language. (DQL)
6)how to create index.
7)Exception handling-checked and unchecked , hierarchy of exception diagram
8)String mutability with explanation
9)how we achieve abstraction in java. with example.
10) what is role of team leader. tasks of Team Leader.
11)where u see urself after 5 years.
12) WAP to prinT (M X N)+(M X N)
13)about company.
14)what is DFD, Sequence, class Diagram and all diagrams.., how u map these diagram into your code in java..
15)what is dynamic binding with explanation
16)Compile time and runtime polymorphism.. with 3-4 lines of code
17) memory area linked question.
18)what is designing , phase of designing?

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