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How to Get a Job easily | BJS Bangalore Job Seeker

Those who are from 2014, 2015 ,2016,and still searching for job,don’t be upset friends.Just keep Faith in yourself and God.Make your heart more Positive.

As present situation of market, getting job in IT Industry is not so difficult but you have to prepare in a result oriented strategy.If you follow these steps then you’ll get job easily.

Be Strong in Aptitude Section :

For Fresher Aptitude are the most critical part of the any Interview Process.If you attend any Interview,then first round is Aptitude. If you have good grief in aptitude,then you can easily clear Aptitude Round.
For this you have to learn which are the best sites for Aptitude Questions.
So, Learn from these following sites :

Try to Attend Some Premium Exams:

If you are still not getting jobs but you have very good marks in your academic year, then you can sit for Elitmus and AMCAT Exam.
For Elitmus : Visit www.elitmus.com for registration and Refer Arun Sharma Book
For AMCAT : Visit www.myamcat.com for registration and Refer R.S. Aggarwal Book

Sharp your Mind :

To get place in any startup or MNC,your very first duty is to sharp your mind and clear your basic concepts,there shouldn’t be a small doubt in any topic.

i) Data Structure(Stack,Queue,Linked List,Tree,Searching Algorithm,Sorting Algorithm)
ii)Basics of C , C++, Java or .Net
a.OOPS Concept
b.if else,switch case
h.Access Modifiers : public,private,protected
iii)Basics of Database Concept
b.SQL Queries
Eg.find the 2nd highest marks from the student table.
iv) Basics of Networking
a.OSI Model,
e.TCP Protocols etc.
v) Practice some frequent common programs
1)Palindrom , Odd number,Prime no,Magic no
2)Armstrong Number,Strong Number
3)Fibonacci series,
4) Matrix Addition/Multiplication
5)Reverse the string
6)Duplicate element in an array, Merge two array in third array..etc
7)Sorting Algorithm ,Searching algorithm
Merge Sort,selection, bubble, heapsort etc
For preparation, you can refer your College Books or Internet.
for more questions, you can visit www.indiabix.com.

Apply all the Genuine Startup company :


2:optical fusion
4:Rare Mile ,
5:nalasha solution.
6:RDS infotech , Gocoop
7:CHR Solutions,
8:Dumadu Games
13:Dream Orbit
15: neominds
16:predictive research
18:Amplified Commerce
19:DewHive and Dream Tekis
23:Introspect Software
24:Sigma infotech
27:Ibexi solutions
30:calitate technology
37:Wells Fargo
38:i-exceed technology
39:Nous systems
40: inkoniq
41: technosoft
43:Market Expander
44:prism networks
47:Remo Software
48: Revtech
49: v2soft
50: estuates
51: amplifi commerse
53: dream takies
54: softway solutions
55: Goodthrough
56: iolite
60:infoteq global solutions
61:Oak System
64:amplifi commerce solutions pvt ltd
67:rnf technologies
69:Pride info Technology
Some more :
Some HR Mail IDs :
Test Mile : careers@testmile.com
DewHive : careers@dewhive.com
Dream Tekis : admin@dreamtekis.com
IAdmin : jobs@i-admin.com
Boston : madan.nidhi@bcg.com
Ibexi Solutions : careers@ibexi.com
TestMile : careers@testmile.com
CloudPeer Media : sjoseph@cloudpeermedia.com
Hillisinsoft : careers@hillsinsoft.com
Gnostic : info@gnosis-bio.com
Above SOlution : recruitme@above-inc.com
Work Infotech : careers@wonkinfotech.com
Continueserve : Jobs@ContinuServe.com
Calitate Technology : contactus@calit8.com
Cupola Technology : careers@cupolatechnology.com
NeoBytes : contact@neobytesllc.com
RCS Technology : career@rcssoft.com
Prism Networks : customerservice@prismnetworks.com
Secuax : info@securax.in
i-exceed technology solutions : careers@i-exceed.com
Nous Systems : info@nousinfo.com
Inkoniq : careers@inkoniq.com
Dewhive : careers@dewhive.com
Technosoft : wecanhelp@technosoftcorp.com
Lotex : hr@lotex.co.in
Trigent : hr@trigent.com
ISPG : careers@ispg.in
Dream Orbit: panchali.bharali@dreamorbit.com
Neominds : careers@neominds.in
Predictive Research : careers@predictiveresearch.in
BCIT : info@bcits.co.in

Prepare about your Project thoroughly:

This round is the most important round because you have to face it when you clear your Aptitude round.
In technical round or HR round, here are the some of most important question that you have
to prepare about it.
1)What is the role of yours in your Project?
2)Is it Live Project?
3)What is the Purpose of your Project?
4)Did you done any coding part?
5)Explain Your Project briefly?

Make a Decent Resume :

You can search in google and you’ll find decent but attractive resumes.

Improve Your Communication Skills :

a.Reading Newspaper daily
b.While watching English Movie,try to pronounce the same word what they tell and how they use to tell
c.Talk with your Roommates at least one hour daily.
d.Last but not least, keep a positive, open and relaxed attitude. How you feel will come through in your body language and can make a major difference.

Genuine Consultancy :

List of all genuine consultancy who are asking not a single penny from you.
1. CareerNET
Career Link : http://careers.careernet.co.in/apply.php
Contact Us : http://careers.careernet.co.in/reach.php
2. Source One
Career Link : http://www.msourceone.com/resumecap.php
Contact Us : http://www.msourceone.com/contactus.html
3. Acropetal Technologies Limited
Cereer Link : http://www.acropetal.com/current.aspx
Contact Us : http://www.acropetal.com/locations.aspx
Send your resume : secondcampus@acropetal.com
4. Magna Infotech
Career Link : http://www.magna.in/engagementCandidate.html
Contact Us : http://www.magna.in/contactUs.html
5. Mafoi Randstad
Career Link : https://www.randstad.in/job-seeker/submit-your-cv/
Contact Us : https://www.randstad.in/contact-us/
6. Adecco india
Career Link : http://www.adecco.co.in/career/default.aspx
Contact Us : http://www.adecco.co.in/contact-us/contactus.aspx
7. Cryptographtech Technologies
Career Link : http://www.cryptographtech.com/content.php?mid=5&sid=53
Contact Us : http://www.cryptographtech.com/contactus.php
8. Maintec
Career Link : http://www.maintec.com/careers.html
Contact Us : http://www.maintec.com/contact.html
9. WDC (Now know as Experis IT Pvt. Ltd )
Mostly hiring for IBM both Fresher & Experience.!
Career Link : http://www.wdc.in/job_opening.php
Contact Us : http://www.wdc.in/contact_us.php
10. Dynproindia
Career Link : http://www.dynproindia.com/index.php…
Contact Us : http://www.dynproindia.com/index.php…
11. Rare Mile Technologies
Career Link : http://www.raremile.com/careers.html
Contact Us : http://www.raremile.com/contact.html
12. Vi Spark Technologies India (P) Ltd
Career Link : http://www.visparktechnologies.com/careers.html
Contact us : http://visparktechnologies.com/contact.html
Most of timing hiring for Manhatten for QA and java profile.
Career Link : http://www.hireatease.com/careers.html
Contact us : http://www.hireatease.com/contact.php
HR Names : Tejaswini / 080 25355633
14. Winfoglobal Technologies
Career Link : http://winfoglobal.com/?q=career
Contact us : http://winfoglobal.com/?q=contact
15.Bob Technologies
Career Link : http://www.bobtechsolutions.com/#care
Contact Us : http://www.bobtechsolutions.com/#contactus
16. Integra Micro Software
Career Link : http://integramicroservices.com/index2.php…
Contact Us : http://integramicroservices.com/index2.php…
17. Axio-Net Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd
Career Link : http://www.axionet.ch/en/career
Contact Us : http://www.axionet.ch/en/contact
Send resume to : resumes@axio-net.in
18. Lambent IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Career Link : http://www.lambentgamestudio.com/jobs.php
Contact us : http://www.lambentgamestudio.com/contact.php
Career Link : http://winfoware.com/work-culture
Contact Us : http://winfoware.com/contact-us
20. TechPoint Solutions India Private Limited
Career Link : http://www.techpointsolutions.com/submitresume.htm
contact Us : http://www.techpointsolutions.com/contactus.htm
21. Proximo Tech Soft Private Limited
Career Link : http://www.proximo.in/careers/current-opening
Contact Us : http://www.proximo.in/contact
IT Recruiter
k.Vijitha@proximo.in (080-49001234, Ext: 117)
22. Micro Academy
Career Link : http://www.microacademy.net/careers.htm
Contact Us : http://www.microacademy.net/contactus.htm
21. Karma Kreators
Career Link : http://karmakreators.com/services.html
Contact Us : http://karmakreators.com/contact-us.php
22. PRIMUS Global Technologies, Pvt Ltd.
Career Link : http://indiaopenings.primusglobal.com/
Contact Us : http://indiaopenings.primusglobal.com/contact/
23. Cemex Management Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://cemexmanagement.com/Career.aspx
Contact Us : http://cemexmanagement.com/ContactUs.aspx
24.Teamware Solutions (quantum leap consulting)
Career Link : http://careers.teamwaresolutions.net/
Contact us : http://careers.teamwaresolutions.net/contact/
25. Span Systems Corporation
Career Link : Send resume here careers@spanservices.com
Contact Us : http://www.spansystems.com/contact-us/
27. Volen Software Services pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://volensoftware.com/careers.html
Contact us : http://volensoftware.com/contactus.html
28. BRISTLECONE : Mainly hiring for SAP Labs.
Career Link : http://www.bcone.com/careers/
Contact us : http://www.bcone.com/content.php?pagename=Contact-Us
29. Prosearch
Career Link : http://prosearchconsultants.net/
Contact us : http://prosearchconsultants.net/
30. Cenduit (India) Services Private Ltd
Career Link : http://www.cenduit.com/careers
Contacat us : http://www.cenduit.com/locations
31. Ubique Consultancy Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://ubique-systems.com/careers/current-openings/
Contact us : http://ubique-systems.com/contacts-page/
32. Datamatics Vista Infosystems PVT LTD
Career Link : http://www.datamatics.com/careers/careers-datamatics
Contact us : http://www.datamatics.com/connect-with-us
34. Infinite Computer Solutions
Career Link : http://www.infinite.com/careers
Contact Us : http://www.infinite.com/contact-us
35. Thomasmount Consulting Pvt ltd
Career Link : http://www.thomasmount.com/careers.html
Contact Us : http://www.thomasmount.com/contact-us.html
36. IDC Technologies Solution Private Limited
Career Link : http://www.idctechnologies.com/employment/
Contact Us : http://www.idctechnologies.com/contact-us/
37. Opterna Technologies Private Limited
Career Link : http://opterna.com/what-we-do/
Contact Us : http://opterna.com/contact-us/
38. Black & White IT Solutions
Career Link : http://bwitsolutions.in/whatwedo.html
Contact us : http://bwitsolutions.in/contact.html
39. TEKsystems India
Career Link : http://www.teksystems.com/…/job-opportuni…/applications-jobs
Contact us : http://www.teksystems.com/contact-us
40. Alp Consulting Ltd
Career Link : http://www.dcoretech.com/career-opportunities.html
Contact us : http://www.dcoretech.com/contact-us.html
41. Acesoft Labs (India) Pvt Ltd
Career link : http://acesoftlabs.com/services.aspx
Contact us : http://acesoftlabs.com/emailus.aspx
42. Align Biz Technologies Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://alignbiz.com/career.htm
Contact us : http://alignbiz.com/contact_us.htm
43. ifocus systec (india) pvt ltd
Career Link : http://ifocussystec.com/careers.php
Contact us : http://ifocussystec.com/contact_us.php
44. Avansys Software Solutions
Career Link : http://avansys.in/careers.html
Contact Us : http://avansys.in/contactus.html
45. Indmax IT Services Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://indmax.com/careers.php
Contact us : http://indmax.com/contactus.php
46. Infomonk Technologies
Career Link : http://infomonk.in/careers.html
Contact us : http://infomonk.in/contact_us.html
47. Macropace Technologies
Career Link : http://macropace.com/Careers.html
Contact us : http://macropace.com/ContactUs.html
48. Thakral One Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Career Link : Send your resume here latha@thakralone.in
49. Unitforce Technologies
Career Link : http://www.uftech.com/careers
Contact Us : http://www.uftech.com/contact
50. Novo IT Consultants & Solutions Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://www.novoitindia.com/SubPage.aspx?id=11&pn=1
Contact us : http://www.novoitindia.com/SubPage.aspx?id=1052&Dn=1
51. Pacific IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Career Link : http://pacific.co.in/careers/apply.html
Contact Us : http://pacific.co.in/contact-us.html
52.Avvas Infotech Pvt Ltd.
Career Link : http://avvasinfotech.com/contact-us/careers.html
Contact Us : http://avvasinfotech.com/contact-us/contact.html
HR Name : Swati
Avvas Infotech Pvt Ltd
#40, 6th Sector, 12th Main,
HSR Layout, Bangalore-560102
Direct : 08067150419
Career Link : http://vintronicsconsulting.com/#page
Contact Us : http://vintronicsconsulting.com/#page
HR id : harini@vintronicsconsulting.com
54. Tarams Software Technologies Private Limited
Career Link : http://tarams.com/jobs/
Contact us : http://tarams.com/contact-us/
HR Id : subhabrata.maity@tarams.com
55. Arsen Management consultants
HR Id : saibindu@arsenteam.com
Career Link : http://arsenteam.com/services.html
Contact Us : http://arsenteam.com/contact_us.html
56. Calsoft Labs India Private Limited
HR Name : Dilip Kumar
Career Link : http://www.altencalsoftlabs.com/index.php/careers
Contact us : http://www.altencalsoftlabs.com/index.php/contact-us
57. Jyopa Connexions
Career Link : http://www.jyopa.in/#JyopaCandidatePage
Contact Us : http://www.jyopa.in/
58. Nichepro Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Career Link : http://www.nicheprotechnologies.com/careers
Contact us : http://www.nicheprotechnologies.com/contact-us
HR id : chandrashekar.jv@nicheprotechnologies.com
59. IGT Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Career Link :- http://www.igt.in/careers/life-at-igt
Contact us :- http://www.igt.in/careers/life-at-igt
60. HealthAsyst : Testing guys must try here.!
Career Link : http://careers.healthasyst.com/
Contact us : http://careers.healthasyst.com/contact/
Send your resume here : hr@healthasyst.com
61. Csi Software Pvt Ltd
Career link : http://www.csisoftwareindia.com/areasofexpertise.html
Contact Us: http://www.csisoftwareindia.com/contact.html
62.Mindpool Technologies Pvt Ltd
Careeer Link : http://tnes.in.talentnow.com/mindpoo…/…/CurrentOpenings.aspx
Contact us : http://mindpooltech.net/contactus.html
63. 3i Infotech Limited
Career Link : http://careers.3i-infotech.com/
Contact us : http://careers.3i-infotech.com/contact/
64. Indecomm Technology
Career Link : http://www.indecomm.net/indecomm_culture.aspx
Contact us : http://www.indecomm.net/contact_us.aspx
65. Skillsearch Infotech Pvt Ltd
HR Id : neeladri@skillsearch.co.in
Career Link : http://skillsearch.co.in/Careers.html
Contact us : http://skillsearch.co.in/Contact%20Us.html
66. Incture Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Career Link : http://www.incture.com/careers.php?section=careers
Contact us : http://www.incture.com/company.php?section=company
67. Hexaware Technologies
Career Link : http://hexaware.com/career-home.htm
Contact us : http://hexaware.com/contacts.htm
68. ITC Infotech India Ltd
career Link : http://www.itcinfotech.com/Careers.aspx
Contact us : http://www.itcinfotech.com/Contact-Us.aspx
69. Artech Infosystems Pvt. Ltd
Career Link : http://www.artechinfo.in/currentopenings.html
Contact us : http://www.artechinfo.in/ContactUs.html
70. Mirafra Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
Career link : http://www.mirafra.com/careers/apply-online
Contact us : http://www.mirafra.com/contact-us
71. Test Yantra Software Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://www.testyantra.com/careers
Contact us : http://www.testyantra.com/
72. collabera
Career link : http://apps.collabera.com/jobs/
Contact us : http://www.collabera.com/contact-us/
73. Indium Software (India) Limited
Career Link : http://www.indiumsoft.com/jm/
Contact us : http://www.indiumsoft.com/leading-software-testi…/contact-us
74. E R Consulting
Careeer Link : http://erindia.com/Careers.html
Contact us : http://erindia.com/Contact.html
75. Radiant Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
cAREER Link : http://www.radiants.com/in/careers.html
Contact us : http://www.radiants.com/in/contact.html
76. People 10 Technosoft Private Limited
Career Link : http://www.people10.com/careers
Contact us : http://www.people10.com/contact-us
77. 3leads
Career Link : http://careers.3leads.com/home/joblisting
Contact us : http://3leads.com/contact.html
78. A T L A S Systems Pvt LTD
Career Link : http://www.atlassystems.com/careers
Contact us : http://www.atlassystems.com/our-offices-directions
79. Meta I Technologies Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://www.metaitechnologies.com/careers.aspx
Contact us : http://www.metaitechnologies.com/contactus.aspx
80. Yash Technologies Pvt ltd
Career Link : http://www.yash.com/career/career.php
Contact Us : http://www.yash.com/about-us/contact-us.php
81. Travash Software Solutions
Career Link : http://www.travash.com/careers.html
Contact us : http://www.travash.com/contacts.aspx
82. Trigent Software Limited

Contact us : http://www.trigent.com/contactus/
83. MIndcom Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://www.mindcomgroup.com/index.php/careers
Contact Us : http://www.mindcomgroup.com/index.php/contact-us
84. Covenant Consultants
Career Link : http://www.covenantindia.net/jobs.html
Contact Us : http://www.covenantindia.net/contact-us.html
85. Radiant Systems India Private Limited
Career Link : http://www.radiants.com/careers.html
Contact Us : http://www.radiants.com/contact.html
86. LanceSoft India Pvt. Ltd
Career Link : http://www.lancesoft.com/careers.php
Contact Us : http://www.lancesoft.com/contactUSA.php
87. sprintincsys
Contact Us : http://sprintincsys.com/Contact%20us.html
89. Acculogix Software Solutions India (P) Ltd.
Career Link : http://www.acculogix.com/careers/
Contact us : http://www.acculogix.com/contact-us/
90. Surgical Information Systems ( SIS Soft. )
Career link : http://www.sisfirst.com/about/contact-us.html
Contact Us : http://www.sisfirst.com/about/contact-us.html
91. Toppersedge.com India Pvt Ltd
Contact us : http://www.toppersedge.com/index.php…
92. TRUGlobal Home
HR id : sandhya.p@truglobal.com
Career Link : http://www.truglobal.com/tg/submitresume.html
ContaCt Us : http://www.truglobal.com/tg/contact_us.html
93. Global Delight
Career Link : http://www.globaldelight.com/jobs/
Contacat us : http://www.globaldelight.com/contact/contactus.php
94. Melstar Information Technologies Ltd
Career Link : http://www.melstar.com/current_openings.html
Contact Us : http://www.melstar.com/contactus.html
95. Blue Star Infotech
Career Link : http://www.bsil.com/careers
Contact Us : http://www.bsil.com/contact-us
96. Synova Innovative Technologies Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://www.synovainc.com/careers.php
Contact us : http://www.synovainc.com/contactus.php
97. Net Connect Pvt Ltd
Contact us : http://www.netconnectglobal.com/?q=contact
98. DSM Infocom Pvt Ltd
Career link : http://dsmindia.com/current_clients.php
Contact Us : http://dsmindia.com/offices.php
99. Sourcebits Technologies Ltd
Career Link : http://sourcebits.com/mobile-app-development-compa…/careers/
Contact Us : http://sourcebits.com/contact-app-development-company/
100. Appnomic System Pvt Ltd : Mainly hiring for System Admin profile.
HR Id : ponsharmila@appnomic.com
Career Link : http://www.appnomic.com/careers/job-openings
Contact Us : http://www.appnomic.com/contact-us
101. Greytip Software Pvt Ltd
Career Link : http://www.greytip.in/company/careers
Contact us : http://www.greytip.in/contact-us

Join some Good Training Institute :

Java :

JSpider (good for learning as well as placement)
• http://jspiders.com/
• they have 3 branches in which Old airport road, and Baswangudi branch are good for learning purpose as well as placement
• Fee structure contact to institute
• If u have more than 60% in 10th ,12th and Btech/MCA/MSC then join this institute , otherwise don’t join , still u want to join then u can then plz first contact to institute then join
Uttara Infotech
• http://www.uttarainfo.com/
• If u have more than 60% in 10th ,12th and Btech/MCA/MSC then join this institute , otherwise don’t join , still u want to join then u can then plz first contact to institute then join
• Fee structure contact to institute
Lara Technology (best for core java in Bangalore )
• http://www.laratechnology.com/
• Lara Technology BTM branch is good
• Fee structure contact to institute
• For placement plz contact to institute
JLC (good institute for java )
• http://www.jlcindia.com/
• Recently they have connected talentsprint for placement , so people are connected
• Fee structure contact to institute
• If u have more than 60% in 10th ,12th and Btech/MCA/MSC then join this institute,otherwise don’t join , still u want to join then u can then please first contact to institute then join

Testing :

Qspider (good for learning as well as placement)
• http://jspiders.com/
• they have 3 branches in which Old airport road, and Baswangudi branch are good for learning purpose as well as placement
• Fee structure contact to institute
• If u hve more than 60% in 10th ,12th and Btech/MCA/MSC then join this institute , otherwise don’t join , still u want to join then u can then plz first contact to institute then join
Testing Campus
• http://www.testingcampusinfotech.org/
• As per my knowledge Manual testing training is free for all
• Good for learning
• For placement contact to institute
• Fee structure contact to institute
Edista Testing institute
• http://www.edistatesting.com/
• Good for learning
• For placement contact to institute
• Fee structure contact to institute

Dot Net :

Palle Technology
• http://techpalle.com/
• Good for learning
• For placement contact to institute
• Fee structure contact to institute

Talk with your Parents : 

While searching jobs if you loose your hope then talk with your parents and tell them what you are facing problems,I’m sure you can get the genuine path.

For References :

Make a Good ‪‎LinkedIn profile in which you should maintain a good ‪‎technical ‪‎skills & your good resume in your linkedin profile.
You can directly ‪‎connect and search the company name in linkedln search option & then you’ll get employee of that company.Send a friend request to them on linkedin & connect with them,when you are connecting with them. Try to connect with all those people who has more than 3 years experience in IT industry.Once he/she get connect with you then you can request to him/her for references.
Linkedln very safe social networking site,no ‪‎fake profile on linkedin.
For getting references plz don’t go with facebook.Most profiles are fake.So don’t go for it.

For Walkins and Recent Job Updates :

For daily walkin news and recent job updates,check our lovely Bangalore Job Seeker everyday.

Also you can apply in

Yes,Chance is less to get job from these sites but you can get few calls from them.So you can try.
If you think,this post is useful for you to get job easily,then please share this post to help others.

Tips : “I don’t have 60% throughout in my Academics. What are my chances to get a job?

What should I do?

Hope this helps !!
Feel free to contact. & share the notes to as many people as possible, never hesitate in sharing Knowledge 🙂

Remember : Don’t forget to Subscribe our site for Daily Walkins/Updates/off campus drive/Referral Drives/Tips/Placement Papers /Study Materials .

Good Luck Friends!!!
God is always with you. 
With Best wishes and Best Regards,

Adroit Joy 

If you have any problems,need any suggestions,need any interview questions,Please Ask me here :
BJS Bangalore Job Seeker
Happy to Help you 🙂

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