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Accenture Interview Experience shared by Subhash

Hello Frnds… This is subhash .Recently I had given Amcat exam I got 82 percentile.within a weak I got Interview call letter .
actually they are taking interview by calling 5 candidate at a time.
there was two guy on the HR seat.
HR person gave us a topic(Lying is better/good thing) and told us this is your topic and you can put your ideas on the desk, but make sure it should not convert into fish market.
I initiated the topic and gone through it properly (1 minute) and the others too..In between I entered twice into the discussion and again made some points.
Now 1st HR person start asking technical things to all of my four group mates one by one .
Now it was my tern……
Same HR person: Well Mr. Subhash you are from Jharkhand….
Me : yes Sir (Smiled)
HR : Ok which movies was made on Jharkhand.
Me : I got confused and Replied Sorry sir I don’t know much more about Jharkhandi movies.
(Then 2nd HR person asked me that he is not asking about Jharkhandi movies, he just asked you that which movies was made on Jharkhand .)
Me : (Suddenly name came on my mind) It’s Gangs of washipur Sir.
HR : yes (He laughed and gave my CV and attached form to 2nd HR person, She was a lady )
HR : OK Mr. Subhash Doing B.tech was your own decision or yours parents.
Me : Yes mam definitely that was my own decision.
HR : OK have you ever gone out side to you state.
Me : Mam I belongs to Ranchi,Jharkhand and Actually I did my B.tech from Bhubaneswar, Odisha (Smiled and Replied).
HR : How often you go to your home town.
Me : (I didn’t hear properly) sorry…..
HR: (same repeated)
HR : After long 3 year where would you see your self.
ME : Replied Aggressively .
HR : What your learnt/ What you found improvement on your self in this 4 period of your B.Tech.
ME : (I got nerves suddenly i started with confidently )
Mam I was a bit shy kind of person but now, no one can say I was that type kind of person. (And I elaborated many things but every thing was true that’s why I was very confident at Interview process)
HR : OK Thanks alot you may go now.
ME and all group mates :Thanq mam…
Now after some time Aspiring Minds people came and announced the shortlisted candidates name My name was also dr..
Friend Be Confident, Speak Truly and clearly Automatically you will get selected.(All depends on your Communication and luck too.)(I suggest you also prepare Basics of your Branch paper . I think We all know enough About our branch related basics questions and answers , so no need to worry . One More thing When HR ask you about Company Profile tell them apart from wiki. You can find many things on youtube.)
Now I am waiting for my offer letter which I will get within 3 weeks.
C U in Accenture.
Best Of Luck…. (Y)

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